Friday, September 16, 2011


My oh my what a summer! The heat and drought have been nothing short of oppressive!
This morning it was clear that we were given a little reprieve from all that heat-there was a crispness in the air- a hint that the heat and all that goes with it is beginning to make it's exit-FINALLY!

We can FINALLY go outside and enjoy the front porch swing again! Sit by the pond- laze in the hammock and yes-just relax and take a break.

Here in Louisiana ,we spend lots of time outside-lots of time! On the front porch-by the pond or lake, in the woods - just outside. Why leave the fun stuff inside?

I LOVE these burlap pillows on the porch swing, in the hammock and in the lounge chairs.
Burlap is THE fabric you want outside -its durable and it just screams FALL-cozy, comfy Home -and sometimes it just says it real quiet-hand stamped with Antique rubber stamps-which I will never tire of! :)

So get on outside and enjoy the crisp fall  moment- hurry- cause we'll have lots more heat before this weather is permanent!

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