Sunday, March 27, 2011

Part 2~

Are ya ready for the "rest of the story"?

My first set up at a local Farmers Market- I'll never forget how unsure(and with good reason!)I was.
I brought my clothes as an experiment because I had done so many things that I was certain I'd never wear them all.
All my confidence was in my homemade soap! I was just sure that this would be my regular business.

On our next stop  the Cal-Cam Flea Market!! YAHOO!!! What fun this was!!!!!
Once a month Marilyn and I set up our wares and tended the market from our own little spot called
This is a great little Market-and we met some great folks out there! We set up until the end of July and it was just time to quit. It was hot and that took a toll on Marilyn's health and my endurance.
I was getting more and more connected with my direction on my clothing and beginning to trust some of my own ideas.
THEN, the Primitives /Antique store where I work part time relocated to Lake Charles-a big move up!
I wasn't sure Id keep working .....but my hubby insisted I go ahead for a while and see how it worked out-he knows how I  LOVE the merchandise/people associated with my "junk stuff".
 Once relocated the owner graciously suggested we give the clothes a try at the new location. I was elated-then immediately intimidated! 
All of a sudden I was right back to being a shy,little kid that wanted to be invisible! 
I fought it off,knowing that in a few months I would be an empty nester and I would need to be busy with things I enjoy!
**Well~ I am still anticipating that moment of an empty nest-not looking forward to it but knowing that no matter what I think or want my youngest is ready to try his wings out.
 He'll be shipped out for boot camp in just a few months.***
I am thrilled to report that MettaMarie is booming and best of all?
 I have met some of the nicest folks ever!!!!!
(sometimes I think they are just too nice to me!!)
I recently had an open house for my Spring items and just about sold out !!
So much for being prepared!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A forever friend........

ONLY a forever friend would let their friends be copy cats!!!
 My sweet friend Liz-the multi talented farmer/gardener/nutritionist- eating a donut! YEP! Thats us!

For years we have discussed how nothing we buy and wear ever really felt like "us"- you know-quirky-feminine-hardworking  and fun- thats a tough combination!Then one day I stumbled upon something on ETSY and sent her a picture. She loved it too! I asked several folks opinions (which was self destructive :)   )
and got mostly negative responses. I was so let down-I had so hoped to have found our way in this clothing saga!!!
Liz pursued the idea-and kept at it. Finally she found a store locally with very similar items to those I had stumbled onto online-  a brand new kind of clothing that seemed to  make both of us swoon!
There was only ONE problem-and it was BIG!!!! 
Some of the items -single items- prices' exceeded our MONTHLY grocery budget.
 Once again my hopes were dashed!!:(
Once again Liz pursued the idea. She insisted that we could make the items we loved-and far cheaper.(and she doesnt sew!)  :)
Hesitantly,I conceded and tried a few things.
 Then I dabbled in repurposing used clothing items.

Each time I wore a piece I felt better about this new adventure-I really was going to be able to finally wear clothes that I LOVED!!! Never thought much further than that.
 Then a few months down the road, I wore one of my very own outfits to a Flea Market -and to my great surprise, total strangers would stop me to ask where I had purchased the outfit!!!

Fast forward a few more months- My good friend Marilyn agreed to partner with me in a short term Flea Market booth- and no, I wasn't even focused on the clothing just yet- I was hoping to peddle my homemade soaps! (Another delight in my life)Needless to say the soap was a flop and the clothing took off!!!

***(Tune in later for part 2)

Friday, March 25, 2011

A year ago!!!!!

One year ago A couple of girlfriends and I were on our way to the BIG FLEA MARKET in Texas~
My oh my how things have changed in just one short year!!!!
That trip was the  beginning of a brand new direction ....

            It was fun~ inspiring~ motivating~ enabling~ and most of all                           

                                          It was just a girls trip so we did the obvious-
                                                         DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!
                                                              And did we conquer!!!!
                                       We looked at everything and only bought a very few things.
We all came away feeling inspired and excited about the things we were dabbling in.......
And now,a year later, all of us that were on that trip are following our dreams~ experimenting with ideas and learning to trust our instincts in our projects!
 It has been great fun  ~ but I have to admit, I really wish I was on my way back to Round Top again this year. 
It just wasn't to be this year so I'll wait till the next happy accident that finds me blissfully swimming in flea Market finds and fun Market people!!!!!