Monday, June 20, 2011

Happiness in BLUE!!!!!

Sometimes life is just too serious-things happen that are far beyond our ability to control 
and if we're not careful that stuff will overtake us.
So ,once in a while ya gotta just have fun!

 On the suggestion of a friend,and a very inspiring blog post, I bought a tutu to have as a HAPPY THOUGHT reminder!
I met Abby at the door one day wearing this silly thing and she just laughed that big hearty belly laugh!!! Did my old soul good!

Sure doesn't look like she has a ten day old newborn does it?GRRRR! Wish I had gotten that gene!!!!
We had a great time taking pictures-as you can see!!!

So when life gets to be too much- put on a tutu and laugh a good old belly laugh!!!!!!It'll do ya good!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Because of all the sewing I do I have a lot of small pieces a.k.a.scraps that most folks would throw out.
 Over the past year I have found a few ways to use all the tiny bits and pieces of fabric and lace I've accumulated.
Lots of it is  too tiny for much else than a snippet here and there in a banner.
This lace banner has  bits of European lace that was too gorgeous to toss out and too small to work with.
 Now that  lace  has a place to sparkle and shine one more time!!!! 
 OLD LACE is worthy of admiration-both the beauty and workmanship it represents.

 I also have a huge stash of fabric since I have been a quilter for over 30 years.  I've made hundreds of quilts and hand quilted all of them but this past year ,after completing a huge applique quilt and 2 baby quilts, it's clear that my wrist is suffering from tendinitis.
I have lots of beautiful ,unique and fun pieces of fabric that will just never find their way into a quilt.
So sad to see them  pine away on a shelf.
My daughter, Rebekah, made some adorable baby banners for her little one I was immediately inspired to make some myself and rescue all that fabric!
 After the first few I was hooked!!!!
 I had found an antique stamp set at a flea market a few months prior and the font was  large and perfect for BANNERS!!!! 
                                                      I've been making them ever since!!!!
                           I get to use and play with all my fabrics and Vintage papers and WORDS!!!!
It's a wonderful diversion when I get overloaded with ideas and inspiration and just need to finish something.

                                    It's also a  a challenge to find ways to use every scrap I can-


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little known division of MettaMarie-FUNKY FRIPPERY~

Funky Frippery is a super talented but quiet little part of MettaMarie- and it's my husband that possesses the talent to  turn out some of the funkiest art jewelry anywhere!

Every piece is One-of-a-Kind and totally original. I think thats what I love the most about it!

These spoons are  fun  & whimsical! 
                                                                   Key to my Heart
                                         The coins on this bracelet  pivot! How cool is that???
                                               Probably never saw a dinner fork like this,did ya?
                                         And what about tiny electrical components for jewelry???
                                               A old silver utensil handle repurposed for a pendant.
                                                    Stamped copper on a brass cuff
                                    This little ceramic fevre was so delicate I was afraid I'd break it.
 My hubby made a silver encasement for it so I could wear my little gift from France with no fear of damage.
 This was an old watch case refitted with jewels to transform it into a great looking pendant.
 He doesn't "toot his own horn" so every once in a while I have to do it!!! I love the work he does! I love the surprise in every piece! He's an artist in so many ways - he excells at nearly anything he puts his hand to.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Complete Day.....

"I do not count a day complete,till needle ,thread and fabric meet."

This quote has run through my head for years and it is so true for me.
Ive wondered why so many times and just lately I think I have it figured out.

There are so many things of concern that I have exactly NO POWER to change or affect- locally we are in the second year of a drought & burn bans , the economy has cost loved ones their jobs, relationships are damaged and threatened, babies are sick , and our old folks - well, they are getting older and more frail- and I can have little or no influence ,practically speaking ,on any of theses things.

If I dare to look beyond my own little tribe, my heart literally breaks from images of tsunami,earthquake and flood victims worldwide-so I dare not look too far out or I would be completely overwhelmed!

I serve a powerful God who is well able to take care of each one of these and I am old enough to know that "my ways are not HIS ways" so fixing all this is not necessarily gonna look like I think.
And so I pray,trusting Him completely to manage the world and it's sorrows like only HE can and 
I stitch...... and stitch.....and stitch.

What on earth I would do without my stitching I don't know! 
I  kinda dread the day I can no longer manage it  and I hope it's a long way away!!!!! 
Sometimes I stitch so frantically I feel as though I'm trying to get "one more project in" before that dreaded day arrives!!! 
Such a funny human being I am!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going to market......

For just a moment today I felt like I lived in another time...a slower,gentler time.

After preparing a dish of cheesy chicken spaghetti for our supper,I decided to visit my good friends new Farmer's Market. I wanted a  few fresh things but mostly I just wanted to be there and support the hard work that she's putting into this market and farm.Little did I know just what a wonderful treat it would turn out to be for me.

There were several new vendors -each with wonderful items!
As I stood behind the line of  customers, I realized that I was about to purchase some yummy artisan bread, fresh baked by a good friend and vegetables from another and a new Pomegranate drink from a new friend!

 All this freshness was  just right to make a simple chicken spaghetti seem like a gourmet meal!!!!! I realized just how important all this was in another time-a slower time. For just a moment I touched the edge of that time- and it was wonderful!

 I purchased fresh things from wonderful people who work hard to produce nice items at fair prices- all that was missing was my wicker market basket on my arm!!!!

You can be sure that my next trip "back in time" will include my very own market basket!!!!