Saturday, March 26, 2011

A forever friend........

ONLY a forever friend would let their friends be copy cats!!!
 My sweet friend Liz-the multi talented farmer/gardener/nutritionist- eating a donut! YEP! Thats us!

For years we have discussed how nothing we buy and wear ever really felt like "us"- you know-quirky-feminine-hardworking  and fun- thats a tough combination!Then one day I stumbled upon something on ETSY and sent her a picture. She loved it too! I asked several folks opinions (which was self destructive :)   )
and got mostly negative responses. I was so let down-I had so hoped to have found our way in this clothing saga!!!
Liz pursued the idea-and kept at it. Finally she found a store locally with very similar items to those I had stumbled onto online-  a brand new kind of clothing that seemed to  make both of us swoon!
There was only ONE problem-and it was BIG!!!! 
Some of the items -single items- prices' exceeded our MONTHLY grocery budget.
 Once again my hopes were dashed!!:(
Once again Liz pursued the idea. She insisted that we could make the items we loved-and far cheaper.(and she doesnt sew!)  :)
Hesitantly,I conceded and tried a few things.
 Then I dabbled in repurposing used clothing items.

Each time I wore a piece I felt better about this new adventure-I really was going to be able to finally wear clothes that I LOVED!!! Never thought much further than that.
 Then a few months down the road, I wore one of my very own outfits to a Flea Market -and to my great surprise, total strangers would stop me to ask where I had purchased the outfit!!!

Fast forward a few more months- My good friend Marilyn agreed to partner with me in a short term Flea Market booth- and no, I wasn't even focused on the clothing just yet- I was hoping to peddle my homemade soaps! (Another delight in my life)Needless to say the soap was a flop and the clothing took off!!!

***(Tune in later for part 2)

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