Sunday, March 27, 2011

Part 2~

Are ya ready for the "rest of the story"?

My first set up at a local Farmers Market- I'll never forget how unsure(and with good reason!)I was.
I brought my clothes as an experiment because I had done so many things that I was certain I'd never wear them all.
All my confidence was in my homemade soap! I was just sure that this would be my regular business.

On our next stop  the Cal-Cam Flea Market!! YAHOO!!! What fun this was!!!!!
Once a month Marilyn and I set up our wares and tended the market from our own little spot called
This is a great little Market-and we met some great folks out there! We set up until the end of July and it was just time to quit. It was hot and that took a toll on Marilyn's health and my endurance.
I was getting more and more connected with my direction on my clothing and beginning to trust some of my own ideas.
THEN, the Primitives /Antique store where I work part time relocated to Lake Charles-a big move up!
I wasn't sure Id keep working .....but my hubby insisted I go ahead for a while and see how it worked out-he knows how I  LOVE the merchandise/people associated with my "junk stuff".
 Once relocated the owner graciously suggested we give the clothes a try at the new location. I was elated-then immediately intimidated! 
All of a sudden I was right back to being a shy,little kid that wanted to be invisible! 
I fought it off,knowing that in a few months I would be an empty nester and I would need to be busy with things I enjoy!
**Well~ I am still anticipating that moment of an empty nest-not looking forward to it but knowing that no matter what I think or want my youngest is ready to try his wings out.
 He'll be shipped out for boot camp in just a few months.***
I am thrilled to report that MettaMarie is booming and best of all?
 I have met some of the nicest folks ever!!!!!
(sometimes I think they are just too nice to me!!)
I recently had an open house for my Spring items and just about sold out !!
So much for being prepared!!!!


  1. I love how your business has grown up!! Creating things you love is the best ever!

  2. Thank you soooo much Bonne! You have been a huge part of it too!! Cheering all the way!!!
    So what product is your favorite? ;)

  3. Hi Autumn,

    I love that you have found your niche! I hope life is treating you well.

    Happy Spring,
    Stephanie ♥

  4. Thank you Stephanie! It is keeping me busy-really busy! As you can see Im not keeping up over here on the blog very well!!!