Friday, March 25, 2011

A year ago!!!!!

One year ago A couple of girlfriends and I were on our way to the BIG FLEA MARKET in Texas~
My oh my how things have changed in just one short year!!!!
That trip was the  beginning of a brand new direction ....

            It was fun~ inspiring~ motivating~ enabling~ and most of all                           

                                          It was just a girls trip so we did the obvious-
                                                         DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!
                                                              And did we conquer!!!!
                                       We looked at everything and only bought a very few things.
We all came away feeling inspired and excited about the things we were dabbling in.......
And now,a year later, all of us that were on that trip are following our dreams~ experimenting with ideas and learning to trust our instincts in our projects!
 It has been great fun  ~ but I have to admit, I really wish I was on my way back to Round Top again this year. 
It just wasn't to be this year so I'll wait till the next happy accident that finds me blissfully swimming in flea Market finds and fun Market people!!!!!

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