Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Made in America...

I jokingly refer to my workroom as a sweatshop from time to time- but honestly when I think of the overseas labor force-I shudder.
In  business  I have access to lots of wholesale sites -and I am utterly amazed at what I see.

I never could figure out how so many dollar stores could operate profitably in our area.
After lots of exposure to the wholesale market,both online and by experience I'm still baffled!
I just don't get the  "economics" of it all.

An American business can buy 1000 items(say yoga pants for women) at just over $2per pair
but before it ever arrives here at the paltry price of $2 per pair, - fabric,thread,elastic,labels ,packaging,shipping and oh yeah...labor!   all from that $2!!!!!!!

I manufacture clothes and I KNOW I wouldn't be willing to work for the tiny portion that ends up being labor on a product like this.You have to ask yourself...why? why are they willing...or are they willing? to work for pennies?

It all just makes me aware of how we,as consumers have made them,at almost slave labor rates, dependant upon our Western demand for lots of products and CHEAP! -

I'm not politically motivated- and I'm not a "flag waver" or "cause activist"- but I think Ill keep my money local,as much as I can afford to and support the people whose eyes I see and whose hands work at making products , a bit slower and smaller in quantity, right here.

Somehow,in the big picture of things,I hope it makes a difference-

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