Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Blog????

YAY!!! Just what I need- another thing to manage!!! :) a FASHION BLOG!!!!!!!

Do I hear somebody out there laughing????  Oh wait , that was ME!!!!

I am constantly looking for a way to communicate with the folks who enjoy my work -so I suppose that's the point of this blog.

Before I get too far along you have to know that I LOVE what I do- and I give my best to every item I create-BUT I don't take myself too seriously- Life is too short for all that.

I try to have fun with every design and most of the time I do!~

I also promise NOT to get too WORDY over here- just a few words about fabric-designs and vintage textiles- and maybe a rant or two about the frustrating task of designing clothes.:)

These lace tees will be  available in lots of colors in the next 2 weeks. 
It has been no small task to find the right lace-soft,not scratchy-pretty colors and soft femenine designs- but I did it and these are the perfect lace tops for layering. 

They are designed to fit beautifully  (multiple sizes)  without bulk,or unnecessary embellishment- just a simple top with 3/4 sleeve for either a top or bottom layer of comfortable,beautiful clothes.....

Watch for all the colors in the weeks ahead! You can order these tops right here  or on Facebook(message me) . 


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