Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick!! It's cold outside!!! Get a coat!!!!

There's a reason ya gotta move quick when it does get cold here!!! We don't get much cold weather  and it never lasts very long!
So if ya have a cool jacket,sweater or coat ya gotta run get it and wear it somewhere ...and fast!!!!!

By noon or so it'll likely warm up and you'll be stripping it off-  but I'm not complaining - just sayin'  .

It's November and we still have temps in the 80's- and likely will till Christmas- but come January we'll get a freeze or two and we all get to wear a jacket!!!!

I LOVE doing one-of-a-kind pieces and redesigned sweaters are the best!!!!!
If you love 'em like I do then mark your calendars to get out to the Christmas Show in Sulphur at the end of November.

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