Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating One Year of Fun with Mettamarie!!!

As I looked back over the past year in pictures I realized just how much STUFF I have done ! And I still liked almost everything -which kinda confirms that I should "do" what I  like because somehow it is pleasing in some way to others-some others anyway.Thank you  so much to all the folks who have been on this journey with me. I count myself blessed indeed to still have the people in my life that were right there at my side when I stumbled into the fun and surprisingly exciting path!!!
Go back and visit the year in pictures with me!

~Fun French Back Porch Pillows~
                    ~ One of a kind Vintage handbag- embellished with Vintage lace ,trims and beads
                                      ~One of the first original patterns by MettaMarie
~ Plump little Punkins'
One of the first One of a Kind dresses( and my model,Sara)
 Tattered Velvet skirt (and my model  Rebekah)
~ One of a kind Lace jacket
~ Vintage Lace Banner
 Feather and Fur bags
~ Springtime Open House at 81
 FUN new line of Jewelry By FUNKY FRIPPERY
 One of my all time favorite styles!
 Burlap Banners have been such fun to create!
 A jacket and dress- both such fun to do!
 Very fun and FUNKY CANDLE-ier
 Finally I got to the doily dress
 And CAMILLE is just ...well gorgeous!!!
 FUN tattered top 
 SILK Aunt Georgie
 Cute cropped top
 and Silver Sayings!
Now that's a whole lotta fun if ya ask me!!! Creating, selling, and learning has been a very Happy adventure for me!And it keeps my mind busy so that I can get used to a smaller household again. I could not have imagined this adventure - and I feel giddy that it was dropped into my lap , and in small pieces that I could  manage!!!

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