Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspiration or Insanity????

I honestly thought when I started this blog that I would be able to show some projects step by step - as you can see that hasn't happened.
 I was thinking about the reasons WHY I can't seem to do it- and I really don't have a solid answer-except to say, and this may scare you a little- that I have no idea what I'm going to create sometimes. I mean I see something that I think is great -but for what I don't know!!!

Here ya go- take this huge round crocheted rug?coverlet? thingy! 
That's it , it's a thingy!!!
Great colors -great edging and big enough to work with-but for what??
 So I start folding-draping-gathering- nope- nothing is working -no ideas are happening.
It goes to the "I -need-an-idea" stash -and there it stayed for about 2 months.

All of a sudden yesterday I'm cleaning up the sewing room and thinking of stitching up some tops when I have a brainstorm!
 A pattern was lying on the table and I was wishing for a "large over sized crochet thingy!!!
AHA!!!I have one-wait NO I HAVE 2 BIG THINGYS!!!!!!
So I dig em out and start folding and cutting and the next time I think about it the top is made!!! LITERALLY!!!!
THEN-I wish I had taken a picture- soooooo  as I'm digging out the second big thingy I promise myself I'll snap pics of the process-but alas-only get the before and after.

So I don't know -it may be insanity-all I know is that once the idea and materials present themselves together    it seems as though the inspired idea puts itself together-unless you believe in fairies!

All I know is that I LOVE the entire process- finding a great "thingy" - having an idea- and being present to see it put itself together!!!! When somebody else likes it - well that's just icing on the CAKE!!!!!

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