Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stitchin' as fast as I can!!!!!!

It's not clothes I'm stitchin' this week-well not exclusively anyway-
In a few short days my 12th grandbaby is due to arrive and the older I get the closer to the wire I seem to come! 
His quilt is coming along and its not a complicated one but I am soooo limited in time and wrist action these days that it will be a race to see who wins-him or me!!!!

My daughter is doing a fun MONSTERS theme so I wanted to try a few monsters myself. Its a really happy quilt and such fun to do.
I once said that my day was not fully lived if I didnt stitch sometime during the day-well believe me when I say that I am living each day FULLY!!!!!
I'm also trying to get ahead on my clothing line so I can spend plenty of time cuddling that newborn before he grows up!!!!!
 It happens too fast- seems like only a few weeks ago I was holding my first grandbaby-but today he is a teenager!!!! How did that happen????

OK enough -I'm feelin' old now!!!!!
Back to stitchin'!!!

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