Friday, August 5, 2011

O Happy Day!!!!

A life as busy and full as mine has been doesn't see many "firsts" at this point. 
I've seen and done an awful lot of things in my 50-something(I honestly don't remeber 50-what!!!)years-some by choice and some of necessity.
 Some of it  fun and some...well, not so much. 


But today, is a first for me-a REAL first!  
  Creating Vintage Charm Magazine has a little portion with MY name on it and it was released today online!

I've already shared what a surprising and exciting year this has been for me- but honestly, this is icing on the cake!!!! 
And you all know how I LOVE icing!!!! 
TO celebrate I am giving a copy of this newly released mag to someone FREE! So now this is officially a PARTY!!!!WOO!HOO!!!

Just go here  and scroll down to the post with the Creating Vintage Charm picture and post and click LIKE before 8pm tonight and YOU can be entered!!! 

Hey! Wait a minute!!! 
Ya'll need to help me clean all this confetti and cake up! You can't just run off.....
Oh well...guess I'll just sit down with some cake 


  1. Guess, I can stay back and help you clean up...;) and did you just mention cake and icing?? hmmm =D


  2. This is the best part of the party anyway- getting to clean up all the last bits of icing and laughing about what fun we had! :)
    Thanks Sonia!!