Sunday, July 31, 2011


Lots of things in this world change but theres one thing I want my kids and grandkids to know-
Our love is locked forever! Theres nothing they can do to make me UN love them.

One day a customer returning from a trip to  Italy showed me some pictures and told me the story of the garden gate 
filled with locks ,placed by people who wanted to dedicate their love to someone else ,very special . 

I was immediately impressed and chill bumps covered my body as I thought about all the people I loved and wanted to express that too.
.Our home and property have long been a special place to our family-both in good and bad times. Its a place of safety and acceptance and also a place of truth and expression. 
These locks were the perfect expression of that  "forever love" that I have always wanted my family to experience.

This weekend, while part of our family was visiting I decided to start this project. As a family we have been fractured by death,divorce and distance - but without fail we remain faithful to each other and continue to be a family-skinned knees and mashed fingers- but still a family. 

This weekend, 4 little girls decorated their very own lock(a vintage lock) to hang on our forever post. I wanted to keep it simple  so I grabbed nail polish and one girl at a time so I could explain that this lock represented their family's love-it was locked-forever! 
There was no key to unlock these locks and once placed on the post it was their link to forever in this family. They know where their lock is and can touch and feel their very own place and remember ...eternal love.

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