Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Changes Coming!!!

So many things are changing - and my oh my the intricacies of all the change!!!

In the past few weeks I have stitched LOTS of clothes, scheduled  and managed a photo shoot -complete with models ....

organized my workspace for more efficiency,ordered TONS of fabric,

FINALLY-in the next couple of weeks you will get to see the results of all the tiny steps MettaMarie has been taking!
We plan on launching online sales through an E-store - hopefully by mid December.

I'm already so blessed to have two of the coolest  retail stores anywhere carrying MettaMarie -
Eighty One-a true American creative factory  :)  and Hamilton House-a creative and unique store brimming with nice folks!

Please stop in and let us know what you think once the E store is launched-I'll post a link as soon as the first items are are posted for sale.

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