Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 70's fashion flashback!

 When you're old enough for a cultural extreme to resurface its generally pretty funny to see it re-expressed -
most times  badly -but still funny!

In my case the 70's are everywhere I look. Some of the kids that love it  feel so cool! 
I guess we felt cool in the 70's but honestly I don't remember "thinking" about how I felt. We just did what we did-and most times for no reason at all-
except that we were kids and we could. 
The fashion part of MY 70's started early- I remember begging for my first pair of Go-Go Boots when I was 4-5 yrs old.
 They were white and they came from a new type of shoe store-Payless-in Corpus Christi Texas! 
They were on the last aisle on the left side of the store about a foot above my reach. 

A few years later I spotted the next best boot ever-the suede lace up tall boot-and I got those too!
I was in the sixth grade and by all accounts, there was not a cool bone in my body- I was awkward,shy and not really very girly and I had bad hair-every day- I had bad hair!
But I knew what I wanted to wear and it didn't matter to me whether anyone else liked it or not.
 It amuses me NOW that some of those same things are exactly what I want to wear now-whether anyone likes it or not. :)
Of course the leather fringed vest was a key part of "my 70s look"- although there was no real plan to that look! 
There was no real PLAN to anything in the 70's for me-and sometimes it's still that way for me.
But this vest and those lace up suede boots went with every other piece of my crazy wardrobe-at least until I moved to Louisiana! That's a whole other story!!!!!

Everything in the 70's reached for the extremes-there was the mini-the maxi -the gauchos-the high waisted tight jeans and the ultra low cut hip huggers.  Platform shoes - tall boots- Jesus sandals  and mostly barefoot-just to upset the "establishment" ya know!
 I had all of them-
And if our clothes didn't do it then we'd crank up the clock radio(really-I'm not kidding!!) or the transistor radio and listen to some  gravelly tunes by Janis-
I had plastic peel off flowers on everything in my room ,including my very cool white clock radio!
All the icons of the 70's were present and accounted for-but completely without thought!
Maybe I WAS cool but just didn't know it!!!!!
Nah- I PROMISE I wasn't-:( 
I was just another skinny girl with funny clothes and bad hair -
SO where am I going with all this???
Well, yesterday as a younger guy was tagging along with a female friend  looking at my clothes 
she commented that it made her think of hippies-and then she looked at me as though she needed to explain what hippies were.
I stopped her.
Smiling I reminded her of my age-and told her I was up on hippies- I was a teen in the 70's.
She laughed,sort of unbelieving and her guy friend said,
"Hey,I heard once a hippie,always a hippie-is it true?"
I thought about it ......
Hmmmm I Still love that leather ,suede and fringe-
I still like a tune or two by Janis-
 I have a motorcycle- 
still have several pair of boots
at least one pair of lace up ones- 
and yeah- I still like what I like to wear.....

I finally have better hair(maybe  letting it grow was the answer all along!) 
I'm not the skinny girl anymore so I can't wear most of what I love- but modified versions of it-
so I think the answer is....
 yes.....sort of.
Interestingly enough somehow those things that I love -my 70's -  surface  in the clothes that I  
design and wear.
Not by plan or projection-just like back then-
 things just sort of ...happen.... and it works!

I usually refer to those things as Happy Accidents!

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