Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going to market......

For just a moment today I felt like I lived in another time...a slower,gentler time.

After preparing a dish of cheesy chicken spaghetti for our supper,I decided to visit my good friends new Farmer's Market. I wanted a  few fresh things but mostly I just wanted to be there and support the hard work that she's putting into this market and farm.Little did I know just what a wonderful treat it would turn out to be for me.

There were several new vendors -each with wonderful items!
As I stood behind the line of  customers, I realized that I was about to purchase some yummy artisan bread, fresh baked by a good friend and vegetables from another and a new Pomegranate drink from a new friend!

 All this freshness was  just right to make a simple chicken spaghetti seem like a gourmet meal!!!!! I realized just how important all this was in another time-a slower time. For just a moment I touched the edge of that time- and it was wonderful!

 I purchased fresh things from wonderful people who work hard to produce nice items at fair prices- all that was missing was my wicker market basket on my arm!!!!

You can be sure that my next trip "back in time" will include my very own market basket!!!!

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