Monday, June 20, 2011

Happiness in BLUE!!!!!

Sometimes life is just too serious-things happen that are far beyond our ability to control 
and if we're not careful that stuff will overtake us.
So ,once in a while ya gotta just have fun!

 On the suggestion of a friend,and a very inspiring blog post, I bought a tutu to have as a HAPPY THOUGHT reminder!
I met Abby at the door one day wearing this silly thing and she just laughed that big hearty belly laugh!!! Did my old soul good!

Sure doesn't look like she has a ten day old newborn does it?GRRRR! Wish I had gotten that gene!!!!
We had a great time taking pictures-as you can see!!!

So when life gets to be too much- put on a tutu and laugh a good old belly laugh!!!!!!It'll do ya good!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh... this is the happiest blue I have ever seen.... I totally love it... You rock, girlfriend.....