Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little known division of MettaMarie-FUNKY FRIPPERY~

Funky Frippery is a super talented but quiet little part of MettaMarie- and it's my husband that possesses the talent to  turn out some of the funkiest art jewelry anywhere!

Every piece is One-of-a-Kind and totally original. I think thats what I love the most about it!

These spoons are  fun  & whimsical! 
                                                                   Key to my Heart
                                         The coins on this bracelet  pivot! How cool is that???
                                               Probably never saw a dinner fork like this,did ya?
                                         And what about tiny electrical components for jewelry???
                                               A old silver utensil handle repurposed for a pendant.
                                                    Stamped copper on a brass cuff
                                    This little ceramic fevre was so delicate I was afraid I'd break it.
 My hubby made a silver encasement for it so I could wear my little gift from France with no fear of damage.
 This was an old watch case refitted with jewels to transform it into a great looking pendant.
 He doesn't "toot his own horn" so every once in a while I have to do it!!! I love the work he does! I love the surprise in every piece! He's an artist in so many ways - he excells at nearly anything he puts his hand to.


  1. I just marvel at every single piece he creates!

  2. He does some pretty neat stuff! Thanks Bonne!