Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Because of all the sewing I do I have a lot of small pieces a.k.a.scraps that most folks would throw out.
 Over the past year I have found a few ways to use all the tiny bits and pieces of fabric and lace I've accumulated.
Lots of it is  too tiny for much else than a snippet here and there in a banner.
This lace banner has  bits of European lace that was too gorgeous to toss out and too small to work with.
 Now that  lace  has a place to sparkle and shine one more time!!!! 
 OLD LACE is worthy of admiration-both the beauty and workmanship it represents.

 I also have a huge stash of fabric since I have been a quilter for over 30 years.  I've made hundreds of quilts and hand quilted all of them but this past year ,after completing a huge applique quilt and 2 baby quilts, it's clear that my wrist is suffering from tendinitis.
I have lots of beautiful ,unique and fun pieces of fabric that will just never find their way into a quilt.
So sad to see them  pine away on a shelf.
My daughter, Rebekah, made some adorable baby banners for her little one I was immediately inspired to make some myself and rescue all that fabric!
 After the first few I was hooked!!!!
 I had found an antique stamp set at a flea market a few months prior and the font was  large and perfect for BANNERS!!!! 
                                                      I've been making them ever since!!!!
                           I get to use and play with all my fabrics and Vintage papers and WORDS!!!!
It's a wonderful diversion when I get overloaded with ideas and inspiration and just need to finish something.

                                    It's also a  a challenge to find ways to use every scrap I can-


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