Monday, June 6, 2011

A Complete Day.....

"I do not count a day complete,till needle ,thread and fabric meet."

This quote has run through my head for years and it is so true for me.
Ive wondered why so many times and just lately I think I have it figured out.

There are so many things of concern that I have exactly NO POWER to change or affect- locally we are in the second year of a drought & burn bans , the economy has cost loved ones their jobs, relationships are damaged and threatened, babies are sick , and our old folks - well, they are getting older and more frail- and I can have little or no influence ,practically speaking ,on any of theses things.

If I dare to look beyond my own little tribe, my heart literally breaks from images of tsunami,earthquake and flood victims worldwide-so I dare not look too far out or I would be completely overwhelmed!

I serve a powerful God who is well able to take care of each one of these and I am old enough to know that "my ways are not HIS ways" so fixing all this is not necessarily gonna look like I think.
And so I pray,trusting Him completely to manage the world and it's sorrows like only HE can and 
I stitch...... and stitch.....and stitch.

What on earth I would do without my stitching I don't know! 
I  kinda dread the day I can no longer manage it  and I hope it's a long way away!!!!! 
Sometimes I stitch so frantically I feel as though I'm trying to get "one more project in" before that dreaded day arrives!!! 
Such a funny human being I am!!!!

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