Monday, July 11, 2011

"Evidence confirms woman's claim to genetic legacy"

In an earlier post I mentioned my aunt and grandmother and their employment at Marilyn's Belts and Bags- suggesting(humbly and yet a bit comically)that somehow there was a genetic pre-disposition to needle arts and the fashion world that I was privileged  to be subject to.

A childhood friend scratched around and sent me some pictures of the factory!
This was taken in 1963
Her aunt(who I remembered) also worked there! 
 The two ladies in the front left (one sitting and one standing) are the two aunts!!! 
My friend's Aunt Josephine(seated) and MY Aunt Dorothy(standing) !!!! 
It was 1966-and I was 8 years old!!!!
 This picture was taken in 1969 -in the factory
I just wish I knew who these women were.
And finally this shot in 1972 -and there's my Aunt Dorothy again!! Or should I say STILL????
She may look harsh and stern,but she was a happy, light-hearted, hard working woman. 
When I was small I always looked forward to a visit with Aunt Dorothy. 
She walked with a limp and had a "special shoe" that captured my attention as a child.

 As an adult I learned that she had survived polio as a child,was widowed  fairly young  and yet maintained a positive happy demeanor as she raised a son alone in a world with not many single mothers-and worked well past retirement age at Marilyn's. 

Oh the questions I would ask if these old aunts were still here-so many questions!

Every evidence of the factory is long gone but the legacy of hard work and craftsmanship in domestic products made it's mark on our nation,our towns and our families.

I likely didn't  learn much sewing skill from these women but the character and work ethic they upheld teaches me ,still, though they are long gone like the old red brick building  that housed
Marilyn's Belts and Bags 
in Ferris ,Texas.


  1. Hello!
    I just found your blog through Bee Haven Acres.
    I love family history and you're so lucky to have these photo's of your Aunt's. What a treasure! I saw a piece of lace clothing that Bev had on her blog and it said if I wanted to see more go 'here'. I was on your Facebook page looking at the clothing you've created....
    you are quite the artist with clothes...they are GORGEOUS!! What a creative mind you must have and I love that you use vintage fabric and lace. Do you have an Etsy shop? I tried to find something on Facebook but couldn't and I didn't seen anything on your blog so maybe you just have a shop? Anyway...I just wanted to tell you that I loved what I saw of your clothing and I loved your post on your Aunts. I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)

  2. Thank you Maura!!! I do LOVE what I do!!!
    I do have an ETSY but have not been able to list things there because the retail store that sells my clothing line keeps me "chained to my sewing machine"!
    You can generally inquire about an item on Facebook and if you see something you really like Id be glad to get specific measurements etc. to help you determine if it is the size you want. As distasteful as it seems- I prefer not to offer returns on mail order items (which is another reason I am hesitant to list the items on there)
    I simply do not have the time to ship-return-reship items- and I just hate for people to not be happy with a purchase.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words!!!