Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Granny...

You've never heard of SUPER GRANNY?
She hobbles along ,in bloomers and long tattered tops searching for lace bits and fabric to fill her day, UNTIL..............
she gets word(on the social network,of course!) that tragedy has struck!!!
A five year old's birthday party is cancelled due to a viral illness that must not be spread to the rest of the family!

 Super Granny bolts into action,buying special cupcakes,shopping for toys for that 5 yr old (and her brother who is quarantined to the house as well) , and searching for fun stuff to do at home cause ya can't leave and your birthday party is cancelled!
Delivered the make-do" party in a bag" to the plastic high heeled victim and her side-kick . 
Super granny has done it again...
but wait- another disaster???
 This time it's a 2 year old  that has had enough of this "new sister" role! 
She's desperate and threatens to unlearn all her sweet ways as her mother reaches for the wooden spoon to remind her of them!
Super Granny arrives on the scene  with a special cupcake for the frantic 2 yr old( and nothing for the frazzled momma-what was I thinking?)  hoping to diffuse the situation.
In a desperate move,   I coax the 2 year old to fight crime and crying with me for a couple of hours in the city of Providence.

It's a big job,but she whining and crying accepts the challenge and the brave mom shoves us out the door smiling a suspicious smile.
Could this be a plot? 
This frazzled mom has been seen with some very suspicious characters lately......and that baby?
 He could be in disguise.......

 Super Granny and crying 2 yr old take to the dirt road and head for snacks to make it better for both of them.
After all,they were supposed to get to have birthday cake today too!
With no cake in sight, a banana,apple and good dose of Tom & Jerry  the 2 yr old reverts to pre- potty training days and has to have a bath-but no fear!!!
 Super Granny is here!!!!
Suddenly the world of crime shuts down and all is well in the Providence! 
The 2 yr old is returned to her undercover life as a big sister and happily accepts her mission ...until the next great disaster.
 Who knows- it could be a lost pacifier, a nasty mosquito bite or even ....a nasty encounter with a boring day!!!
Whatever it is-you can be sure that SUPER GRANNY will be there -armed with her smart phone for pictures  and a little cash to make it all better!!!!

****Actually-I just wanted to show you some pictures of the kids from this week.

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