Saturday, July 2, 2011

Relatives are funny things~they seem like just ordinary people when you're a little kid. 
Then ya grow up and learn the truth about them.
Just recently I learned a number of .....shhhhh !* whispering* 
 interesting things about some of my relatives.
Actually,I knew some of this but had forgotten about it until I glanced at a comment posted on FACEBOOK.
The comment was about the generations of women who had passed down traditions,skills and talents.
Since starting METTAMARIE over a year ago,more than one person has reminded me of the 
"needle-artist" heritage that precedes me.
My mom is an excellent seamstress,accomplished in many areas. 
(It's not her fault she couldn't teach me to sew- we are as opposite as any two people can be and still be related.It's funny now, but attempting to teach me to sew was a nightmare.) 

Mom is organized,consistent and precise-I am not.
She follows proper techniques after study and research-I do not.

I'm not certain exactly HOW I learned to sew -
 I remember my grandmother buying me embroidery floss and turning me loose with it.
 (I'm guessing I was talking her ear off and she wanted me to be busy 
so I would  hush  and  she could have a moment of silence!) :)
My sewing since  has been mostly  quilts ,with the exception of a toddler 
dress here and there over the years. 

Those relatives I mentioned  apparently had more influence on me than I knew...sort of~ 
When I spent the summers with my grandmother
 I didn't know I was surrounded by women 
who had accomplished great things in the world of fashion! 
Who knew?
 They were just my old aunt Polly and aunt Dorthy and my grandma to me. 

The little town,Ferris Texas wasn't spectacular by any stretch of imagination either.

How was I to know that Marilyn's Belts and Bags,in Ferris Texas employed
 both my grandma and my Aunt Dorthy .
They spent years constructing bags and belts and I never knew! 
It does explain the closet FULL of purses at my grandmothers! :)
The employees got deep discounts and apparently we hare another  genetic trait-bargain hunting!!!!

 These three purses  all came from Marilyn's in Ferris.
 While they were busily constructing purses
Aunt Polly was busy stitching up designer fashion samples for Nardis of Dallas for runway shows!

So I guess if any of them were still here they'd be happy to know MettaMarie(my grandmas name) is following the genetic slant for another generation!

Talk about skeletons in the closet !

Just thought I'd share a little history with ya!!


  1. Autumn, My aunt worked for the Nardis factory in Longview. She was able to go to the Dallas seconds shop and bought Nardis clothes for all of us at a discount. She did the handwork on the clothes and taught me how to sew on buttons and hooks and eyes quickly and easily. When I was living in Mesquite my roommate took a second job to earn some Christmas money and came home one day saying she went to ring up a lady and she said to charge her purchases to Marilyn Belsonbags. She asked her how to spell Belsonbags and the lady informed her that she was the owner of Marilyn's Belts and Bags. Small world huh? (Karla)

  2. It IS a small world,Karla!!! Thank you so much for sharing that!!! I wish I could ask all kinds of questions ,now that I know - but they are all gone. :( My aunt that worked at NARDIS never married and lived to be almost 100. Sure wish I had known enough to ask questions.