Monday, July 4, 2011

Picture perfect days....

The 4th of July- the All-American holiday!!!
Cookouts-watermelon-pie-frisbee in the yard-and of course-

So what do all fun loving Americans do?
They load up the kids in the clean sedan and drive downtown to see the community fireworks display.

                              The kids are thrilled and happily sit and wait for the show to begin-

Such a picture perfect setting-an all American fun evening!
Well the way it REALLY went was more like this-kinda crazy!!!
We piled into the car-my daughter and her two little ones-(those deceptively sweet little faces you see up there-thats the ones Im talkin about.)

We arrive on the lake with the rest of Lake Charles- folks had tents,bbq pits and lots of loud music. We creep along the main drag trying not to hit the teens who refuse to move off the street.

We finally realize that we need a less populated spot,find it and breathe a sigh of relief! No teens were injured and we were safely parked-so what we're 30 minutes early? 

Abby and Ryland clamor to get out so they can test their luck with the speeding cars whizzing by our "perfect spot" and clearly it's dangerous, so we talk them back into the car,where Abby starts turning knobs,switches and every other thing that moves-Ryland cries to get out and starts climbing out the window.

 Bekah threatens to spank everyone which draws wailing,whining and crying.
"Only a few  more minutes",I promise them. 
After 5 more minutes we relent and decide to try to let the kids sit in their chairs in front of the car-after all only 5 minutes left!

Took about 30 seconds to reverse that decision-again!!!More wailing,crying and whining.

FINALLY the show begins! 
Ryland claps and squeals with joy and Abby stops all threats against us to watch.
AHHHH! Bekah and I both were relieved-I blinked and -what ?? It's OVER????? 

The wailing and crying began again as we waited in line to travel back home.
 Deals  and threats were made -all the way up the bridge -and back down and all the way to Sulphur. 

Our traditional stop at Sonic,amongst the crying and wailing because Abby was tired of sitting in the car and Ryland had a mosquito bite on his foot. 

I had to laugh at the comic reality of "real life" vs "PICTURE PERFECT" life!!
Bekah kept apologizing for it being such a circus- but I don't know why. I had a great time!!!
This is how it really is, isn't it folks?

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